Room Lighting

Family Room Lighting

The concept of layering light is particularly important in the family room, an area of the house where people tend to gather for long stretches of time and engage in an array of activities, including conversation, watching TV, reading, playing board games and using a laptop.

To accomplish ambient lighting that bounces off the ceiling of a living room, we suggest integrating cove or valance lighting into the room's architecture. Another way to provide ambient lighting in a living room is to add valance lighting, recessed or track lighting that is directed toward the walls.

Task lighting for a living room may be provided by table lamps placed near a reading chair. Accent lighting in a living room may be used to focus on a fireplace or bookcase, or on a painting, sculpture or plant. Track lighting may be used as accent lighting for artwork. 

Kitchen Lighting

It’is best to work with three levels of light in a kitchen: recessed lighting, under-cabinet strip lighting, and pendant lighting. Wattages can vary based on the space, but typically, MR16 Halogens or LED lamps are used in the recessed fixtures, LEDs for strip lights, and incandescents for pendants. 

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