Custom Designed Lighting

Hometown Servcies is your premier lighting specialist for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor grounds.

Hometown Services has a knowledge team with the expertise and service that sets us apart in home theater and professional lighting installation.

Hometown Services provide the equipment and accessories to complete your system's integration, installation, and technical services. Our team can provide lighting for your kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and outdoor grounds.  Click here to view our gallery.

Reliability is Key

Working with electricity can be highly dangerous. If work is not performed by a licensed electrician who is knowledgeable and adept at working with this unbridled force, accidents can happen. We can handle anything electrical in your home.

One of the most important systems is your grounding system. We like to check these on every home we do work on because when it's not correct, it can cause serious problems. When not done properly, it can shorten the life of equipment and electronics. In the worst cases, people can be shocked by improper grounding. By installing proper grounding and adding surge protection you can increase the safety of your home.

We feel it is so important that you trust the people who are doing your electrical work. We use our 23+ years of experience to determine the condition of your electrical system and perform any necessary repairs to your home up to code. We have Master Electricians on staff whose knowledge is brimming from years of experience in the electrical trade.