Ride the wave of the future with Z-Wave technology.


Z-Wave technology is simple: the more Z-Wave products you have in your smart home, the stronger your smart home network. Z-Wave, enables smart home products like locks, lights, and thermostats to communicate to each other. This enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to help with saving energy, securing your home, and being more comfortable in your home.

Z-Wave wireless technology operates in the sub-gigahertz frequency range, around 900 MHz. This band competes with some cordless telephones and other consumer electronics devices but avoids interference with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other systems that operate on the crowded 2.4 GHz band.

  • Reliable
  • Low power
  • Can easily travel through barriers such as ceilings, walls or floors
  • Connects all wireless devices so they can easily talk with each other

Z-wave can control your home's lights and door locks.  Z-Wave smart home products work together seamlessly and can be managed with just one app – smarten up your home.  Now is it easy to control your doors, garages, and thermostat of your home.products.jpg

Z-Wave Technology