Low Voltage Wiring

Installation by Home Town Services for your low voltage wiring needs.

Low voltage wiring is a type of wiring which carries a lower electric current than most other wired objects. It can be installed for a variety of reasons. It is safer to operate and maintain, is less costly, and is easier to modify after installation.  While it carries a much lower current, it boasts the fact that it is more inexpensive, safer, and easier to modify after installation when compared to normal voltage wiring. Firstly, it is safer to operate and maintain. This is due to the fact that the wiring carries a much lower, non-lethal voltage, meaning it can be operated without the risk of being hurt or killed. This makes it a low-risk alternative to typical wiring. Secondly, it is less costly. The materials necessary to conduct the smaller amount of electricity are made up of less metal, meaning they are less expensive. This creates a much more cost efficient method of wiring than the types used most often. Thirdly, it is easier to modify after installation. Again, due to the much smaller voltage carried by this type of wiring, it is significantly less difficult to change or move its position after it has been installed. This prevents harm from befalling those operating it, making it a much easier process to change it after it has been placed. Low voltage wiring can be used simply because a certain device utilizes less voltage in its operation. This wiring type is used by more devices in homes than most people probably realize. This method is used by devices such as smaller light sources, thermostats, doorbells, and Ethernet or the coax cables. Most of these devices utilize low voltage wiring due to the fact that they require less power to function, a result of their minimal outputs when they are functioning. All of these qualities culminate into a type of wiring which is less difficult to install, significantly less hazardous, and much easier to alter after placement that is used by many common electronics.


Hometown Services use low voltage wiring for installation of Audio, Video, Telephone, Intercom, and Alarm Systems. Low voltage wiring does not carry the same voltage as the power outlets, fixtures, and switches in your home.  Low volt wiring is also used to run sensors at windows, doors, and motion sensors on the exterior of your home in security systems.  

Home Town Services can install low voltage wiring in your home.  By installing the lower voltage, it will benefit our customers by lowering the electric bill and increasing your connectedness between electronic devices.