Rock your yard this summer with a new outdoor sound system

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When you spend time outside by your pool or on your deck, what audio options are you using? Speakers hanging on the back of the house? A sound dock or Bluetooth speaker for your phone or iPod? A bit limiting, right? Either you’re too far away and can’t really hear all that well or you’re stuck sitting next to the music and the sound is too loud to have a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Plus your neighbor may not share the same tastes in music or decibel level.

So what are your options? Outdoor audio has advanced well beyond big boxes mounted to the ceiling of your porch and speakers that look like rocks. Today installation of custom landscape audio systems is designed to provide a consistent blanket of sound over your whole yard while blending beautifully into the environment. Imagine everyone in your yard hearing the same crystal clear music, never too loud or too soft.

The good news is there is a better solution for providing high-fidelity audio that doesn’t require excessive volume and that blends into the landscaping of your backyard.

Design & Installation

Home Town Services will work with you directly, a builder or a decorator to design a system that will provide functionality and simplicity.  We serve customers that live in NewnanPeachtree CityFayettevilleSenoia, and Tyrone

These speaker systems can be installed using a single cable from the audio source. We use direct burial wire for outdoor systems as this type is made to deal with the range of temperatures and moisture conditions present in the soil. We know which gauge wires to use for direct burial and which wires will provide the best quality and performance over the lifetime of the sound system.

Use our knowledge and expertise by having us put in that amazing backyard stereo system. Call us at 770-599-9365 for a free visit with one of our audio professionals. Until then, keep rockin’.