Mounting Your Flat Screen TV

HTS-TV-Mounting.jpgThere are so many ways to install a television mount for your flat screen TV. You can have a retractable arm, you can place it above your fireplace, or you can put it inside a wall recession. However, just because you can mount your TV doesn’t mean you will. If your Honey-do list is already too long, we suggest calling someone in to do your TV wall mount install.

There are so many variables when trying to do your own TV mount. Is it level? Is it anchored securely? Did you find the studs? What if you have to get through brick? Do you want a tilting mount or a retractable/movable arm?

There is also the question of how to hide the wires. The whole idea of mounting a TV is to achieve a clean look and we don’t want to ruin that with a jumble of wires showing. This will require putting electrical wires inside the wall and is best left to a licensed electrician avoid safety hazards.

Don’t let your several thousand dollar investment hang in the balance. Be secure in knowing that your TV isn’t going anywhere with our guaranteed work. Along with doing your TV mounting, we can install entire custom home theaters, media rooms, and whole house audio. We can also automate your entire home and help you control everything from a smart phone or a single remote.

The real cost of doing your own setup is high. You can break or damage the equipment, or worse it can be dangerous for you and your family. The amount of time and sweat equity you will be putting in just doesn’t pay off in the long run.Contact us to do it for you.