Making Your Home Automated

Having an automated home (smart home) does always mean you have to have automated lights, whole house audio, custom built a home theater and automated blinds. Sometimes you just need a safe energy efficient home. Installing a Nest thermostat in place of your mercury-based or digital thermostat can make a world of difference on your electric bill. Or you could install a keyless door lock and a text message sent to you every time tries to enter you home. A ring door bell installed on your can alert you every time someone rings the door or show motion when someone enters your driveway. 

Nest thermostats can save anywhere between 10-20% on your heating and cooling bill just by installing 1 of them on your home. You can set programs on the fly. You can enter the nest program from anywhere in the world to adjust the temperature. The Nest thermostat learns your lifestyle. It knows when you are at home and adjusts the temperature to what you like. Normally when you buy a Nest thermostat at the big box stores. You receive a 2-year warranty. When you purchase a thermostat from Home Town Services. You will receive a 5-year warranty because Home Town Services is an authorized Nest Pro. 

Safety of your family is always on your mind. With YouTube videos out showing the new age burglar how to pick locks. I'm not sure I'm ready for my house to get broken into. I don't think you are either. Having a Yale ZWave door lock installed can make a huge difference on who enters your home. For each one of your family members, you can give them a separate passcode to let them in. That way you can see if little Johnny came home on time or if he went down the street to play with Mike. We all know he's getting behind in math. Let's make sure he starts his homework on time. How many times have you had to miss work just to let a contractor in your home? I know I have. Give him a contractor code. That way you know when he shows up and when he leaves. How many times have you been billed for 8 hours work when he's only there for 4. You get alerted text messages every time he comes and goes. When he is done. You simply delete the code. That way you know he won't return for an unexpected visit. 

Have missed special deliveries or have in wanted guests at your home from time to time? Installing a Ring doorbell cam on your home lets you except those packages and lets you know when those annoying neighbors are at your home, so you don't have to go through an hour conversation about Ms. Betty's cat tearing up their flower bed. The Ring will send you alerts when someone rings your doorbell or if it senses motion in certain parameters Home Town Services sets into place for you. You view your Ring door cam from anywhere in the world. Just pull up your app and view. You can also view your past history saved to a cloud-based server. That way you show the police what the burglar looks like with a 1080P image. Are you the middle of a movie and you don't want to get up and tell Mike that little Johnny can't come out and play. No problem. The Ring doorbell cam has 2-way voice communication. Simply tell Mike he can't come out and play until he finishes his homework. 

The Neat thermostat, the Yale ZWave keyless door lock, and the Ring doorbell cam are only a few ways to help make your home safe and energy efficient. Call Home Town Services today or fill out the information in the contact us section of our website for a free in-home consultation about how we can make your home safe and energy efficient. It will cost you nothing to talk. It could cost you your families safety. Hometown Services serve customers that live in NewnanPeachtree CityFayettevilleSenoia, and Tyrone