Goodbye Smart Phone, Hello Smart Home. Home Automation as an Industry Leader in the Technology Game.

Believe it or not, it has been 52 years since The Jetsons cartoon began airing on TV. Remember Rosie, the robot maid? She could cook, clean and even do some of the parenting. The premise of the cartoon was a family living in 2062, a technologically progressive time. Who could've predicted our progress at the time? They missed the mark on email and texting, but as far as home automation and smart home technology, the Jetsons hit it right on the money.

Communication between devices are the building blocks for home automation. Next year, Apple plans to release home kit, a unified smart home protocol using your iPhone to connect all of your devices. This will make your entire home accessible from your phone. From one platform you will be able to control the thermostat, the lights, and even your wireless speakers. Anything can be automated, even the flush of your toilet. Best of all, this can all be done by giving a verbal command to Siri, Apple's answer to Rosie the robot.

However, Apple isn't the forerunner in this department. Google's Nest, a smart home platform, is really leading in the home automation department. Its main goal is to be your home's go to platform for home automation. He who owns the platform, controls the connected home, right? Nest released a program called "Works with Nest" which was recently implemented in Mercedes Benz programming. This allows the driver of the car to control their home automation from the car, getting their home ready for their arrival at the push of a button.
What we gather from all of this forward thinking about smart homes and home automation, is that it will soon be exploding because of its affordability and accessibility. What was once unimaginable cost 20 years ago, has now become so accessible and inexpensive that just about any homeowner can afford to do this.

At Home Town Services, we have experienced increasing demand for home automation services. We are at the forefront for products and services geared towards connectivity of all of your devices. We are so much more than a home theater/media room installation company. We want to help you control every device and everything in your home by either pushing a button or speaking to your computer. In the last 52 years, Rosie morphed into Siri and thus created the easiest and most simple way for you to control your home. Now if only we could automate our kids, then we will have arrived.

A Quick list of things in your home that you can control and automate:

• Appliances and outlets
• Lighting
• Security cameras
• Thermostats
• Locks
• Entertainment systems
• Anything electronic or mechanical