Google Fiber is Coming

Google_fiber2.jpgThe future is coming to Atlanta. Google Fiber is an ultra-high speed broadband service that delivers the internet at 100x faster speeds than what is currently available. The good news is Atlanta is one of the nine cities lucky enough to be included in Google’s announcement in January. This type of service is called gigabit internet, describing the fact that it promises downloads of 1 gig per second. Imagine driving a Pinto and then upgrading to a BMW, for close to the same price. Translation: It is a major upgrade without the expense.

In this age of the Internet of Things (IoT), meaning connectivity with all of your devices, the high-speed internet has become essential. All of your devices that are web enabled, which is a growing list, from toilets to lights to your fridge, need high-speed internet.  

It wasn't specified when Fiber's installation will be complete or how much it will cost. Rumor has it the gigabit internet will be around $70/ month. If you want Google TV and Internet, a bundle should be around $120/month. The promises of Google TV are big. You can watch 150+ channels and access tens of thousands of shows and movies on demand.

The good news for people who want to keep the service they already have, AT&T and Comcast are revving up the speeds they offer as well. We can expect to see stiffer competition from those companies. Google Fiber’s arrival in Atlanta should lower prices across the board.

As we have explained before, the single console that controls all smart devices in the home is the future. Gone will be the apps that are product specific such as Wi-Fi thermostats and remote lighting controls. These will be replaced with a consolidated home automation system that will allow you to control and monitor all of your smart devices on one single remote.

At Home Town Services we are on the forefront of this new technology. We have the experience and knowledge to seamlessly connect your entire home to your smart phone or tablet. Don’t wait for Google Fiber to arrive, call us and get connected today.