Gifting Your Family a Home Theater

Upgrading your entertainment room for Christmas is a present for the whole family, not just you Dad! Imagine watching the rest of football season play out in a plush and cozy cradle of entertainment. Sinking your bottom into your favorite chair, your hand resting in a salty bowl of popcorn and your eyes gazing at a TV screen so big it is an affront to God. Your best friend sits next to you deflated with envy because you’ve got the best entertainment set up on the block. All is quiet and still, with the exception of your wife clanging dishes around in the kitchen. The kids are outside running around. You are in your element. All the grueling hard work during the week is worth it because now it’s all about YOU and FOOTBALL.

Ultimately, we know upgrading your entertainment system is like a present with a big red bow attached reading “TO: DAD", but this is about convincing your wife it is the “family” gift that it truly is.

  1. The kids will enjoy watching their Disney movies on the huge screen and hearing Queen Elsa belt out “Let It Go.”  Your wife can watch her Lifetime movies as if she were sitting in a theater.
  2. Because you believe that life without TV is really no life at all, it is vital that you have one amazing entertainment set up before you die (dramatic emphasis here).
  3. It WILL increase your home’s value. Imagine how easy it will be to sell to the next father/sports fan/movie buff that walks into your home? A media room that is pre-wired and ready for TV awesomeness has currency for men (and their families).
  4. Why spend your extra cash on an expensive vacation when it’s over in a week? Why not put that money toward family bonding time that happens all year long?
  5. Say to her, “Honey, you’ll love the way it LOOKS!” Women want to see an aesthetically pleasing, streamlined, and cordless entertainment system. She doesn’t care about the 60Hz vs. 480Hz LCD response rate. She cares that she won’t have to stare at a glob of wires in the corner or worry about one of the kids banging their Thomas the Train car into the toddler-level television.
  6. When she has picked up the last dirty sock, cleaned your dirty dishes, and you’ve completed the last of the yard work, she obviously wants to see your sweaty face disappear for a good amount of time. This gives you a place to escape to.
  7. Ease of use. She cares about this, guys. Your wife wants to know when she picks up the remote, it won’t require an engineering degree to operate. The babysitter or Grandma will be able to use this space just as easily as you do.
  8. NEVER use the phrase “man cave”. This is deemed a “multi-purpose lifestyle space” or a multi-purpose room, (She doesn’t need to know you call it your man cave in your head).

So, there you have it. Upgrading your family room to an “entertainment media lifestyle room” really is a gift that the whole family will benefit from. It’s also a gift to you, the man who needs his cave, but we won’t tell your wife that. You’re secret is safe with us.

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