Is DIY Cheaper?

I am seeing a considerable amount of customers purchasing their own equipment. This is good at times because you can find deals. But, are the deals you are finding really a good deal. In most cases, they are not. You could be finding refurbished models or models that are a couple of years old that they may have found problems with. At this point, it is worth buying a new product because if the product fails you may have to get it repaired or buy a new product. In this case, you will spend the same.

Another way you could be wasting money buying your miscellaneous pieces. This includes cables, brackets and other accessories. We are professionals. We stock a lot of these products on our trucks. That way we have them when we need them. Which this could result in the DIYer going back and forth to the store or waiting for it to come to you from an order you placed online.

Our prices are very reasonable. In most cases cheaper than online and diffidently cheaper than the store. We are professionals as said before. We are trained to set up your system to work flawlessly as you want.

The final way for the DIYer not to waste money is, getting the proper advice. We are not the big box store. We don’t want to move a lot of boxes. We are in the business to making people happy. We can recommend products that will fit your needs, wants, desires and what fits your room. The big box store has never been to your house to look at your room and design what will fit. We take our time and design your space to fit your needs. This could save you a ton of cash and we will never sell you things that you do not need.

All in all, call a professional. This what we do. Estimates and advice are free.